Percorsi Livigno
Camminare, arrampicare, passeggiare e salire in quota poi scendere a Valle fermandosi in un Baitel.

Walking, climbing, strolling, and climbing then descending to Valle stopping at a Baitel.

Along 1,500 km of alpine routes you cannot help but admire the Little Tibet valley.

Whether it’s a walk in Val Federia, or a climb at high altitude, the pure air, the clear sky and the expanses of meadows and woods will accompany you every day to new destinations to explore, between Baitel where to rest or mountain huts and pastures where to do extraordinary experiences.

The routes are designed for beginners and experts, up to those at high altitude that you can choose to practice with one of our mountain guides.

Forget the stress and take the time to travel inside yourself in the presence of a benevolent and generous nature. Walking is better.

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